Tuesday, August 23, 2005

No choice is customer- centric
The temptation to simplify ----business models are no exit .
The temptation to simplify is real for any government at any moment in history . But in our airy fairy age of choose your own values, even business is clutching at straws for paradigm control . Take this example from Charles Green at Trusted advice .
The head of sales at a major technology company told me, “we have two
strategies: one--be customer-centric; two--increase share of customer wallet.”Question: do you tell your customers both strategies? If so, you may offend. If
not, you are hiding key objectives. Neither choice is customer-centric—because
the second strategy itself is intrinsically not customer-centric.

Even if you only use JUST two paradigm controils out of context you get garbage .Are our citizens customers or con-targets .Plus we are lots of other things as well .

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