Friday, September 17, 2010

The Libs find out too late again ? 

This post is made because I don't think the Libs are smart enough to take advantage of the trend back to them for the next election.
Just why this is confuses them , but not those of us who used to advise them. Like Labor, too many members worry too much about the spin and not nearly enough about the substance.
History will no doubt record the fact that one of the results of confusing the role of business with that of government is dumbing down - us , our leaders and their advisors ; Before you know it its all spin . We are ruled by rhetoric, prejudice and popular opinion - Clearly the price wannabes pay for playing up to popular prejudice is that few then really know the difference .
So why won't Vic Libs do a Tony and talk to the issue - incompetence; Straight and simple.

Today's polys know that bad advice is a greater risk than it was ten years ago, but they don't know why. Modern Governments require a high level of competence ; GreenLabor is a coalition from fanatasyland so why don't they say so . Even if the Libs were lucky enough to win, would they repair the damage or be even more exposed to the wastage of their careless Forebears like Mr Kennett?( this site could be named in "honor" of his formulation of this silly and simple idea that has its home in their comfort zone )
The point is there is safety in much advice, but much advice can be confusing to those who don't know who to trust. So that's Labor's problem in miniature , but why should it be the Libs?
The attraction if business is government is that the noise from business is both overwhelming and simple - The only risk is that , long term, you get kicked out when the people realise you favoured one and forgot the other. Again Tony A got it right - keep it simple and direct
The Libs could still be in power in Victoria if they hadn't confused business with government. Libs deserve the back road while they refuse to get off the back foot on this . Their job is to tell the truth about Labor's incompetence and do it plainly and more powerfully .
If they don't make it in November it seems only reasonable that they, like Labor, still confuse business with government.

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