Monday, August 20, 2012

Red tape and relying on the unreliable 

Politicians don't like to point to it ,but all parties rely on advice from others . All parties have made the grand mistake that they should include/increase the amount of  business advice they get from parties outside their own  . Now all parties and Shires are overwhelmed , even snowed by these indigestable documents from business but asked for by the bureau . Unless the States go back to ensuring that shires and enviro departments have staff to digest this stuff they will continue to get snowed by them . Now Abbott thinks that Canberra can help . The only way it can help is to stop the snowing.
As the coal stuff shows, if you have a got a big budget ,even the biggest media campaign can't win against a pile of sacred PAPER which only the rich proponents can understand .And it doesn't stop there . Every sentence is grist for the lawyers mill so that the productivity of the process is clearly the lowest in the OECD . Low point too in the liberal mind of 2012.
The only way Canberra and the party  can help is to stop the snowing . Their own operatives used to be able to resist the snowing by setting the brief and limiting the bull . Now the huge bureaus just gets swamped by it .Radical thinking BEFORE falling for radical surgery.

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Monday, August 06, 2012

sycophants to big money interests in compete denail 

One can only wonder why Bob Katter got a guernsey to appear on qanda tonight  . One presumes the god makers thought he would make enough gaffs to make him only entertainment value . The last thing anyone in the wannabe famous audience wants to do is to take him seriuosly .
 He doesn't know everything,  but he was the one who started the selling the farm debate that has dragged all the participants in tonight.
Our societies failure to invest in the capital and run on the cash is the truth - terrible for us that we don't want to hear it .
Hope some young people in the audience will recognize a genuine bloke who has faithfully sought alone to represent the minority view.
Silly old fabians can't even see why they are becoming increasingly irrelevant , they talk big about big interests but follow,  as Bob said tonight , the conservatives down the sycophants road to market driven exploitation and nirvana (depending on which silly extreme nonsense chair you sit on )
if you live on the earth , not just talk about the earth , you learn these things and you build, not end up with egg or some now well dated  old reactionaries tune on your lips /face.

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