Friday, January 07, 2005

Armchair rhetoric in new "business knows best" lounges can't believe the plebs are so unaccepting of their brilliance on matters of new judicial process.- it may be more efficient, but is it just . Clearly many don't even know they are undermining justice with such shortcuts !
Take this eg from QLD
The guilt of a person accused of a vegetation clearing offence under the VMA is determined not by a court but by an official. (The judicial trials mandated by Division 3 have no application to vegetation clearing offences under the VMA). If an authorised officer issues a compliance notice, a failure to comply without a reasonable excuse results in an automatic penalty. (Maximum of 1665 penalty units or $ 116,550 - s.55) The innocuous term ‘compliance notice’ masks what is actually a straightforward conviction and sentence without trial.

The greatest evil is being done in the name of the environment .
Adrress the issue before sound environemental gains get thrown into the "too hard basket" see dogood blogspot and nreplanners

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