Monday, May 21, 2007

D day for the Liberals 

Move away from the single desk ?- don't do it !.

Will the Liberal party have the foresight to see its role in being uniquely liberal in the future? . Does it have a vision that is bigger than competetion policy - the policy you have when greed only drives and greed only is good ? Today, it seems to me , is the day they could prove it one way or the other .
Nothing better symbolises the lack of foresight in the libs dominant overgoverning complex than their clear preference for simplicicity over diversity- half baked instead of fully baked . Such blatant rejection of the basis of sound conservative governance must help undermine their right to govern in that name .
They should lose votes from thinking people all over Australai if they allow a renegade marketing authority to operate on the same turf as the one that has done Australians much good .

I will be ONE non farming conservative definitely voting Labor at the next election if The Club of free enterprise allows yet other overt simplicity from the market sector to again overrun any sensitivity they once had to properly governing the whole enterprise ship Australia .

The lib party is now little different in policy focus from their change for changes sake compatriots on the left . Worship of change and business only models of governance is blinding them both to the damage . These constant waves of banging against a diverse and properly regulated economy will create indecent exposure for our children . Good enough for us, but not good enough for them ?

Will be interesting to see what happens today !

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