Monday, April 04, 2011

After all these years sitting on leather and talking- a Saviour comes along. Ledgerman 

Garnaut is a symbol - not science, but economics . And not economics but Ledgerman- the grand bookmaker in the sky . Suddenly out of the confusion there appears something simple that WILL solve what we all fear - the inevitable price rise of oil. Why fear the price rise and taxes on it have been around to push adjustment pressure for decades - why not more ?
But in this hypocritical guilt ridden powerles and innocence projection fog appears - a Price imposition - but it is not the Saviour it looks - a society that worships technology will only accept a technique , a quick fix , a solution that looks like a solution , but is really a quick fix. Our society has a drug problem ,but we wanna call it someone else's problem .Just like we did with batts in the belfry .

The superman ledger Garnaut man has rolled out a really big gun to blast away at a really big economic reality, but is the price of something , really, the real problem here - where does guilt projection and worry ( we live beyond our means in bigger and far more important ways that just price of energy ) Where does the right and proper increase in the cost of oil fit in world that still can produce alaternative energy and where markets are best LEFT do it .
What's it all for ms Wong ?
Wongs assurance that the tax will incentivise industry is complete bullsh .My problem with the tax talk is they can't be fair dinkum - if they want to tax waste they would tax those who waste --those who choose to drive around in trucks like Keating did . Nothing is clear about how the tax will work but one thing we do know iyt will do - increase regional dependancy on bureaucrats

If Wong wants to TAX best , best too to recognise what our natural advantages really are and where govt money has gone to date ( Batts in the belfry and solar and WIND that are now dated ), agriculture support that has never happened before. If the government really believes in the market - when the money runs out agriculture will be back where it is now -----reeling from water price crap ( thanks Megan( CSIRO) - you are so over this stuff aren't you , in the cocoon of the ledgermans club .
Why wouldn't europe invent things before us anyway . Our education and investment doldrums DOES NOT suppot invoative inventors - get real and state it it why it would ever

Why can't scientists solve our problems? Megan Clarke ( CSIROchief ) speaks like an economist rather than a scientist on the carbon tax - she's not credible . Talk physics and chem to those who would sell and would support a political consensus that doesn't exist ( except in the mind of greenlabor)
So what the Saviours name ? called Ledgerman --economists if you want to be PC .Has to be left leaning of course
Its quite simple - what we do is make the tax take big enough that we have enough - and so big that we have enough to pay back the poor if we make any mistakes. Even farmers will become codependant under this regime, bringing them back under the spell of the reactionaries . win win provided we still have someone whose prepared to pay .
Brilliant simple and simply brilliant - just what we need, to save all this tiring talk of reform,
Why reform when we can have revolution. We get the money first and then we decide what to do with it . Amazing isn't it - it seems if we talk of what we would do with the money , the people stop supporting us so we just tell em about the wonderful guilt reducing taxes we will impose on others . Seems to work . amazing

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