Monday, February 13, 2006

Noone is misleading the house, the house is misleading itself.
Weak is the word

Surely Mark Vaille being in the hot seat over the "Iraq Wheat free trade agreement" is so predictable . Surely thats what happens when goverenment fails to do their job and call good business good governance. "Nothing untoward happens as long as its legal" sounds more like something BONDY would say. WEAK is the word and their words are WEAK .
Governemnet is not science either
In case you haven't noticed scientists disagree about the harm drugs can do .The issue is not whether the drugs do things well or not but whether we as asociety are able to control harmful uses of them -
If we don't review the decsions of the TGA maybe Canberra should pack up and disperse.
Science doesn't goive us the power to act wisely - only govt can do that > at least they used to be able to ?

This weeks woosiness in the senate is a scandal . After all the Senators who voted to remove the power removed more than the power of Abbott they tesified to their own weakness.

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