Thursday, September 10, 2009

Reviewing Labor's record 

The last post on this blog was just before Labor took office. Copyright EA sept 10th 2009
This post is necessary because Labor are confused about the nature and position of the boundary between public and private enterprise in a number of really big ways.
1. Labor have given new impetus to the saying ;Thick as a brick and 2 short planks . They think building new public school frameworks will build education. Real revolution is in the mind , not in the bricks . The disease that causes even atheists to send their children to religious schools is not going to go away with windowdressing, but by talking about it . While the matter is in non talk territory Labor are being hypocritical about any revolution (turns on the basis of edge politics) or real cost effective reform, that might be helpful.

2. Distorting the market and creating unreal hot air bubbles that will burst . Garrett Wong and many others in Labor circles are playing with incentives to industry in ways which do not allow a clear response from industry or the market. The boundaries are all blurred and badly so .
Thus, much more than there predecessors, Labor get "results" by offering a confusing and incompetent range of cash and tax incentives and advertising that make "freephone" crap look like handing out lollies. How many billions of dollars of tax payers money will be paid to setup / encourage ( incentivize ) new industries ( often before their time and technology )that will turn into hot air like the ideas behind them . When I was involved in this complex matter, sound ecomomic planning would underpin reviews of any dollar that went in ;
Now the only thing that underpins is spin itself .

3 Labor's Big Issues focus ; The greatest evil, even if you don't believe in evil , is done by half baked attempts . Labor is not serious about doing Earth reconciliation properly . The only way to remove the noose around scientific( and therefore economic ) progress on these matters ( soil. water eco )is to stop environmental planning being the football of first choice in politics .Every state in the country is under the same spell and distinct smell of misinvestment
A commitment to a independant training institute for earth scientists would give Labor something to crow about
! You heard it first on blogger

Whose wong anyway? If Senator Wong keeps doing what she thinks is right and insisting on it, maybe there will soon be noone in government circles who does know what's right.
Earth reconciliation is not something you play with ; it comes at a cost – the cost of doing earth things properly and professionally. Scarcely little of that at the moment . Copyright EA sept 10th 2009

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