Friday, May 06, 2011

Governments across the West stuck in rut of their own making 

Do I believe in capitalism ?
Yes provided it believes in supporting water treatment - purification . Clarity of its benefits and clarity of its limits.
As a production ecologist to the rural sector I say, remember what really works hidden inside the cooperating ecosystems inside us and around us (so much more efficient in energy use than we ever will be )

Compare our brilliant invention in capitalism which I have to say, a la Churchill ," works quite well amongst all those that have been tried ".
BUT The unthinking acceptance of capiitalism ( rife now in government on both sides of politics) is making the rich richer and the poor poorer ......and suits those who love to play exploitative games and have the capital ( and the deterministic mindset) to back them.

Capitalism is not balanced in the same way as a focus on mere competition is not balanced . A mere standard tax on carbon for the poor is a much bigger burden to them than it is those with big cash flows .( not a feature of rural economy)

We must, for those in rural areas esp ,who manage these sensitive ecosystems with more tools than an accountant has seen numbers , stop bundling economic and ecological issues into old wineskins of categories and take seriously the diversity of genuine physical and technological forces and worldviews which together shape sound sustainability.

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