Thursday, December 06, 2012

Giving freedom and avoiding Cliffs is productivity modelling  

Sach and Ross Gittins are in the news this week (SydneyMH) talking about big picture economic policy . About time I say ;
Many economists haven't really factored scarcity and regeneration elements into their plain 2 dimensional ledger sheet modelling. That doesn't help our leaders who really need a good lead here !
The real world is more than supply and demand control but you wouldn't know that listening to the desperate and careless talk of leaders and the majority of the audience at the moment .The Free marketeers need a good kick where it hurts !( I am talking about their simple mind games mostly)?    Below is a piece I posted elsewhere . Feel free to join me on ecomia anytime .

Sound big picture economists and practical ecologists have always started with a conversation about elasticity .Bigger picture discussions must move from plain elasticity to resilience assessment.  
 Resilience assessment tells you how close to the cliff others  are and if you don't factor that in, people will fall off!! This cartoon I drew in 2007 .
Everyone tells about my old work even though "noone ", I know anyway , is still doing much at its edges . Resilience is a key consideration in eco -nomics and one of its measures is elasticity. Elasticity in connections .
The blunt nature of the current fiddling with the old S&D instrument is blatantly obvious in the present Australian govt's ham fisted attempts to increase energy prices to reduce demand (a very thick trick)and their careless feather bedding of the already rich water and other resource industries by talking up the need for water demand control .
Tax is a win win thing under their simple and simplistic choices.
Putting prices up,( and giving handouts)  is something polys and S&D freaks understand , which means they might think they know what they are doing--- if Sir Humphrey is not present -
Until you show them the effects of in-elasticity and steep loss of control at the intersection of the 2 curves and how that can create wars, and bring down governments they get" intoxicated by their own wisdom "; They, like the media and the  game audience will play with things they don't really understand -our shared resources ( oikonomia)  It all seemed like some power over people at last !!!!
It seems to me that good economic management is a bit like parenting in relation to S&D . You make distinctions about when and when not to interfere ( Good governance was Sachs point) Morally and materially you don't want to stop how your kids spend money( eco freedom ) but you may influence how much disposable they have ( role of govt )
Let’s not pretend we should ditch what worked OK in the past ( Oikonomia and professional study of these matters ) for a dangerous media led game which plays around at the edges of cliffs ( and doesn’t know it )   With cliffs – someone  needs to know just how close they are and it isn’t fair to expect the children to know !

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Red tape and relying on the unreliable 

Politicians don't like to point to it ,but all parties rely on advice from others . All parties have made the grand mistake that they should include/increase the amount of  business advice they get from parties outside their own  . Now all parties and Shires are overwhelmed , even snowed by these indigestable documents from business but asked for by the bureau . Unless the States go back to ensuring that shires and enviro departments have staff to digest this stuff they will continue to get snowed by them . Now Abbott thinks that Canberra can help . The only way it can help is to stop the snowing.
As the coal stuff shows, if you have a got a big budget ,even the biggest media campaign can't win against a pile of sacred PAPER which only the rich proponents can understand .And it doesn't stop there . Every sentence is grist for the lawyers mill so that the productivity of the process is clearly the lowest in the OECD . Low point too in the liberal mind of 2012.
The only way Canberra and the party  can help is to stop the snowing . Their own operatives used to be able to resist the snowing by setting the brief and limiting the bull . Now the huge bureaus just gets swamped by it .Radical thinking BEFORE falling for radical surgery.

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Monday, August 06, 2012

sycophants to big money interests in compete denail 

One can only wonder why Bob Katter got a guernsey to appear on qanda tonight  . One presumes the god makers thought he would make enough gaffs to make him only entertainment value . The last thing anyone in the wannabe famous audience wants to do is to take him seriuosly .
 He doesn't know everything,  but he was the one who started the selling the farm debate that has dragged all the participants in tonight.
Our societies failure to invest in the capital and run on the cash is the truth - terrible for us that we don't want to hear it .
Hope some young people in the audience will recognize a genuine bloke who has faithfully sought alone to represent the minority view.
Silly old fabians can't even see why they are becoming increasingly irrelevant , they talk big about big interests but follow,  as Bob said tonight , the conservatives down the sycophants road to market driven exploitation and nirvana (depending on which silly extreme nonsense chair you sit on )
if you live on the earth , not just talk about the earth , you learn these things and you build, not end up with egg or some now well dated  old reactionaries tune on your lips /face.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nothing will change in the West till the West takes Weber seriously 

If ecology, we talk about drivers . In economics of today there is no contest; there is only one driver and its name is "the market" ; very dumb ( monocultural)and almost religiuos in nature

This weeks WEF ( World Economic Forum ) be just another waster of time unless there is a bit more diversity in the discussion about who drives what when and where. If we ecologists did business like most wannabes do business we wouldn't have one to run .
Woosy governnments are partly a product of their own stupidity - created as they often now are - in the image of the market.
One hopes the hit to the fanatasy of faith in real estate values will shake them

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

There are some people who know how to make a green economy 

But they don't work for Julia and Greenlabor . Chris Ullman (ABCTV )hosted a most welcome discussion tonight that finally let a few experts speak . Jeff,Ian and Judith were so good and reminded us that Greenlabor were more interested in some esoteric kindergarten acccountancy than the stuff that has made this country as good as it is.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Governments across the West stuck in rut of their own making 

Do I believe in capitalism ?
Yes provided it believes in supporting water treatment - purification . Clarity of its benefits and clarity of its limits.
As a production ecologist to the rural sector I say, remember what really works hidden inside the cooperating ecosystems inside us and around us (so much more efficient in energy use than we ever will be )

Compare our brilliant invention in capitalism which I have to say, a la Churchill ," works quite well amongst all those that have been tried ".
BUT The unthinking acceptance of capiitalism ( rife now in government on both sides of politics) is making the rich richer and the poor poorer ......and suits those who love to play exploitative games and have the capital ( and the deterministic mindset) to back them.

Capitalism is not balanced in the same way as a focus on mere competition is not balanced . A mere standard tax on carbon for the poor is a much bigger burden to them than it is those with big cash flows .( not a feature of rural economy)

We must, for those in rural areas esp ,who manage these sensitive ecosystems with more tools than an accountant has seen numbers , stop bundling economic and ecological issues into old wineskins of categories and take seriously the diversity of genuine physical and technological forces and worldviews which together shape sound sustainability.

Monday, April 04, 2011

After all these years sitting on leather and talking- a Saviour comes along. Ledgerman 

Garnaut is a symbol - not science, but economics . And not economics but Ledgerman- the grand bookmaker in the sky . Suddenly out of the confusion there appears something simple that WILL solve what we all fear - the inevitable price rise of oil. Why fear the price rise and taxes on it have been around to push adjustment pressure for decades - why not more ?
But in this hypocritical guilt ridden powerles and innocence projection fog appears - a Price imposition - but it is not the Saviour it looks - a society that worships technology will only accept a technique , a quick fix , a solution that looks like a solution , but is really a quick fix. Our society has a drug problem ,but we wanna call it someone else's problem .Just like we did with batts in the belfry .

The superman ledger Garnaut man has rolled out a really big gun to blast away at a really big economic reality, but is the price of something , really, the real problem here - where does guilt projection and worry ( we live beyond our means in bigger and far more important ways that just price of energy ) Where does the right and proper increase in the cost of oil fit in world that still can produce alaternative energy and where markets are best LEFT do it .
What's it all for ms Wong ?
Wongs assurance that the tax will incentivise industry is complete bullsh .My problem with the tax talk is they can't be fair dinkum - if they want to tax waste they would tax those who waste --those who choose to drive around in trucks like Keating did . Nothing is clear about how the tax will work but one thing we do know iyt will do - increase regional dependancy on bureaucrats

If Wong wants to TAX best , best too to recognise what our natural advantages really are and where govt money has gone to date ( Batts in the belfry and solar and WIND that are now dated ), agriculture support that has never happened before. If the government really believes in the market - when the money runs out agriculture will be back where it is now -----reeling from water price crap ( thanks Megan( CSIRO) - you are so over this stuff aren't you , in the cocoon of the ledgermans club .
Why wouldn't europe invent things before us anyway . Our education and investment doldrums DOES NOT suppot invoative inventors - get real and state it it why it would ever

Why can't scientists solve our problems? Megan Clarke ( CSIROchief ) speaks like an economist rather than a scientist on the carbon tax - she's not credible . Talk physics and chem to those who would sell and would support a political consensus that doesn't exist ( except in the mind of greenlabor)
So what the Saviours name ? called Ledgerman --economists if you want to be PC .Has to be left leaning of course
Its quite simple - what we do is make the tax take big enough that we have enough - and so big that we have enough to pay back the poor if we make any mistakes. Even farmers will become codependant under this regime, bringing them back under the spell of the reactionaries . win win provided we still have someone whose prepared to pay .
Brilliant simple and simply brilliant - just what we need, to save all this tiring talk of reform,
Why reform when we can have revolution. We get the money first and then we decide what to do with it . Amazing isn't it - it seems if we talk of what we would do with the money , the people stop supporting us so we just tell em about the wonderful guilt reducing taxes we will impose on others . Seems to work . amazing

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