Monday, August 20, 2012

Red tape and relying on the unreliable 

Politicians don't like to point to it ,but all parties rely on advice from others . All parties have made the grand mistake that they should include/increase the amount of  business advice they get from parties outside their own  . Now all parties and Shires are overwhelmed , even snowed by these indigestable documents from business but asked for by the bureau . Unless the States go back to ensuring that shires and enviro departments have staff to digest this stuff they will continue to get snowed by them . Now Abbott thinks that Canberra can help . The only way it can help is to stop the snowing.
As the coal stuff shows, if you have a got a big budget ,even the biggest media campaign can't win against a pile of sacred PAPER which only the rich proponents can understand .And it doesn't stop there . Every sentence is grist for the lawyers mill so that the productivity of the process is clearly the lowest in the OECD . Low point too in the liberal mind of 2012.
The only way Canberra and the party  can help is to stop the snowing . Their own operatives used to be able to resist the snowing by setting the brief and limiting the bull . Now the huge bureaus just gets swamped by it .Radical thinking BEFORE falling for radical surgery.

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